Insightful presentations from the Urban Design Group and the world of urbanism, Urbanism is the study and development of cities, From the physical form of buildings infrastructure and open space, To the culture the politics and economy, Leading urbanists explain their projects and ideas, Making these accessible and inspirational

   The city as a tangled bank:
   Urban design versus urban evolution.
Urban Design Group
   Sir Terry Farrell CBE, RIBA, FRSA, FCSD, MRTPI
   describes aspects of his vast portfolio of work and
   his role in the recent emergence of urban design;
   from time as a student, through early campaigning,
   to projects in the UK and China, the Thames Estuary
   Parklands, the Farrell Review and more.

   Urban design in Latin America:
   Politics, production, relevance and promotion.
Urban Design Group
   Dr Catalina Ortiz teaches on the Bartlett MSc
   Building and Urban Design in Development Course.
   She trained as an architect with a Masters in Urban
   and Regional Studies from the National University
   of Columbia and a PhD in Urban Planning and Policy
   from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

   Supurbia:  Transforming residential suburbs. Urban Design Group
   Dr Riette Oosthuizen is a Partner (Planning) with
   HTA Design, specialising in residential led mixed
   use regeneration. In May 2016, HTA Design won the
   Small Planning Consultancy of the Year at the RTPI
   (Royal Town Planning Institute) 2016 Awards for
   Planning Excellence.

   Governance, housing policy and the consequences.
   With particular reference to London.
Urban Design Group
   Ben Rogers is Director of Centre for London and
   an author with a particular focus on cities, policy,
   citizenship, social capital, public service reform, and
   the built environment.

   Improving the quality of new housing:
   New issues for affordable housing.
Urban Design Group
   Andy von Bradsky is former Chairman of PRP, Chair
   of the RIBA Housing Group, Board Member of the
   Housing Forum and recent chair of the Government
   appointed Challenge Panel for the Housing
   Standards Review that advised on UK standards
   for housing of all tenures.

   Improving the quality of new housing:
   Negotiating improvements in delivery and design.
Urban Design Group    Amy Burbidge is Design Action Manager at
   North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit.

   From the agora to the polis:
   A better future for high streets and town centres.
Urban Design Group   
   Julian Dobson is a writer, editor, public speaker
   researcher and consultant. He is author of the
   recently published book 'How to Save our Town
   Centres', founding editor of New Start magazine,
   and formerly editor of Inside Housing. He leads
   the regeneration and placemaking think tank
   Urban Pollinators.

   Towns and cities: Function in form.
Urban Design Group   

   Julian Hart MRTPI is Director of Lancefield
   Consulting, a town planning, project and
   development management practice. Formerly with
   Urban Design London he is author of the recently
   published book on which the lecture is based.

   Designing the business model:
   Sharing land uplift and unlocking long term value.
Urban Design Group   
   Yolande Barnes is Director of the World Research
   Team at Savills. She is a Fellow of the Royal
   Geographical Society, a Director of Design for
   Homes, a founding member of the Society of
   Property Researchers and visiting Professor
   at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.

   Weather in the City:
   How design shapes the urban climate
Urban Design Group   
   Sanda Lenzholzer studied landscape architecture at
   Leibniz University Hannover, then Housing and
   Urbanism at the AA School, London. She has a PhD
   in Landscape Architecture from Wageningen
   University and is now Assistant Professor with
   particular interest in climate responsive design.

   Rethinking the design of streets and public space
Urban Design Group   
   Hans Monderman 1945-2008 redefines the meaning
   and purpose of traffic engineering in this rare,
   detailed exploration of ideas and projects.

   A city as a 'master developer':
   Democracy, advocacy, enablement.
Urban Design Group   
   Steve Bee, John Worthington, Peter Bishop,
   Peter Studdert, Henk Bouwman and Dick Gleeson
   provide separate insights from the UK and

   Urbanism: Improving quality and value
   The importance of product, land and money
Urban Design Group   
   Yolande Barnes is Director of the World Research
   Team at Savills. She is a Fellow of the Royal
   Geographical Society, a Director of Design for
   Homes, a founding member of the Society of
   Property Researchers and visiting Professor
   at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.

   Garden Cities Past and Present.
   Potential morphologies explored.
Urban Design Group   
   Dominic Papa is owner, co-founder and Director
   of S333 Architecture and Urbanism. He is a
   member of the RIBA Housing Group, a CABE
   national design review panel member, Chairman
   of the Islington Design Review Panel and
   Professor in Practice at the AA.

   Garden Cities: Is there a Business Case?
Urban Design Group    Jim Coleman MA MSc PhD is Head of Economics at
   BuroHappold Engineering, specialising in spatial
   economic development and urban regeneration, with
   experience in the uk and EU, China, Russia,
   the Middle East and Africa. He is visiting professor
   at the University of Westminster, and honorary
   senior research associate at the Bartlett UCL

   Health and Urban Design
Urban Design Group   
   Lucy Saunders is a Consultant in Public Health at
   the Greater London Authority and Transport for
   London, leading on transport issues. She has a
   masters degree in public health and and gained
   Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health.

   Greening the city:
   Towards a landscape integration.
Urban Design Group   
   Fenella Griffin is a practicing landscape architect
   and partner at Untitled Practice, architects and
   and landscape architects. Current work focuses on
   the redevelopment of public space infrastructure
   from the large scale through to the detailed
   interface with buildings.

   Greening the city:
   Urban streets and verges.
Urban Design Group   
   Ian Hingley is a landscape architect, urban
   designer and Senior Associate with the
   interdisciplinary team, Urban Movement which
   specialises in research, planning, strategy and
   design for streets, spaces and transport

   Garden Cities:
   Why do they remain a captivating concept?
   Are they relevant to the 21st Century
   Urban Design Group Journal Summary Findings.
Urban Design Group   
   Elli Thomas is a researcher at the Centre for Cities
   working on smart cities, housing, planning and skills.
   She has a background in both history and urban
   design, with experience in research and analysis,
   design, community engagement, events and

   Garden Cities:
   Why do they remain a captivating concept?
   Are they relevant to the 21st Century?
Urban Design Group   
   Colin Pullan is Urban Design Director at NLP,
   Nathaniel Litchfield and Partners, London.
   Extensive experience in regeneration, master-
   planning, strategy and appraisal, development
   briefing, community engagement, design coding
   and the presentation of expert evidence at
   public inquiries.

   The Massive Small Compendium:
   Smart Urbanism in an upside down world.
Urban Design Group   
   Kelvin Campbell BArch RIBA MRTPI FRSA is Chairman
   and Founder of Smart Urbanism; Visiting Professor
   at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
   UCL, and holder of a Built Environment Fellowship
   from the Royal Commission 1851, a grant awarding
   educational trust supporting innovation in science
   and technology.

   Improving the Quality of Housing Design
Urban Design Group   
   John Punter has recently retired as Professor of
   Urban Design at Cardiff University. He continues to
   be involved with the MA Urban Design programme,
   and with design review and monitoring for the
   Design Commission for Wales.

   Improving the Quality of Life through Street Design:
   Lessons from Germany
Urban Design Group   
   Graham Smith, formerly Principal Lecturer at the
   Joint Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes
   and co-author of Responsive Environments.

   Revisiting the Manual for Streets:
   Creating places and spaces that meet aesthetic,
   social and functional aims
Urban Design Group    Phil Jones is Managing Director of transport
   planning consultants Phil Jones Associates.
   Specialising in planning and design of infrastructure,
   traffic analysis, transport planning and highway
   design, with an emphasis on the merger of these
   interests with urban design objectives.

   Urban Design: Beyond Pseudo-Science?
Urban Design Group    Stephen Marshall is an academic at the Bartlett
   School of Planning, University College London.
   His research interests include urban design
   theory and links between urban design, urban
   morphology, street design and planning.

   Marina and Waterside Development
   An Urban Design and Engineering Perspective
Urban Design Group    Jody Slater, an urban designer and planner is
   owner of Spindrift, a marine masterplanning and
   development consultancy.
   Phil Dunn, a civil and marine engineer is Senior
   Project Manager with the specialist consultancy
   Marina Projects.

   Recycling the Neighbourhood: A perspective from
   Central and Eastern Europe
Urban Design Group   
   Levente Polyak is a researcher and project leader
   at the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre
   (KEK), curator of the Adaptable City Exhibition
   and joint project coordinator of the URBACT pilot
   network, a European exchange and learning

   Temporary Use as a Tool for urban regeneration:
   A perspective from Central and Eastern Europe
Urban Design Group    Daniela Patti is an architect, planner and PhD
   researcher at the Vienna University of Technology.
   She is a Board Member of the Wonderland platform
   for European Architecture and researcher at CEIT
   the Central European Institute of Technology.

   Belgrade: Shifting identities of the capital.
Urban Design Group    Dr Aleksandra Stupar is associate professor at the
   Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.
   She is the winner of the Gerd Albers Award 2008
   from ISOCARP, the International Society of City
   and Regional Planners, for the best published
   article on urbanism.

   The new centre of Lodz: Urban design in Poland.
Urban Design Group   
   Szymon Piotr Nogalski is an architect-planner who
   studied at the University of Lodz, the Oslo School
   of Architecture and Design and the Faculty of
   Engineering at Lund University. In practice he has
   specialised in infrastructure, new models for retail
   and critical reflections on urban design processes.

   Rebooting the Masterplan.
   A joint UDG / Urbanista Lecture
Urban Design Group   
   David West is a founding partner of Studio Egret
   West Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape
   SEW believe in and practice city planning that
   is proactive and an architecture of context.

   The Colville Estate Hackney. A UDG / Urbanista
   'Rebooting the Masterplan' series lecture.
Urban Design Group   
   Paul Karakusevic established the award winning
   Karakusevic Carson Architects in 2004. The
   practice specialises in urban design, public
   buildings, public spaces and affordable housing.

   Housing Estate Regeneration.
Urban Design Group   
   Alex Ely MA RIBA MRTPI is a leading authority on
   urban design and housing. As author of the Mayor
   of London's Housing Design Guide and numerous
   research and best practice publications for CABE,
   he combines policy experience with a passion for
   good design. He owns and runs the Architecture
   and Urban Design practice Mae LLP

   High or low rise housing: An advocate for low rise
   terrace morphology sets out a case.
Urban Design Group   
   Formerly a political advisor and strategy consultant
   with McKinsey and Co then director at the Lloyds
   Banking Group, Nicholas Boys Smith is a Consultant
   Director of the think tank Reform, a Board Member
   of the Swan Foundation and founding director of
   the social enterprise Create Streets.

   Public Realm Improvements in Town Centres:
   A wide range of project exemplars analysed
Urban Design   
   Catherine Hammant BSc MPhil is a Chartered
   Surveyor with experience in commercial property
   valuation, community regeneration and public realm
   design. She combines consultancy work (Vital Towns
   consulting) with studying for a PhD at the University
   of Westminster and is a board member of Towns

   Market Towns: Opportunity site assessments
   Anthony Benson is a planner, urban designer and
   Director with Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners.
   Specialising in the production of planning and design
   frameworks for town centres and Action Area Plans,
   he has led consultancy teams on strategies for
   Rochford, Lewisham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Blackburn
   and towns in Flintshire.

   Models for Growth: The new Market Town
Urban Design Group    Shortlisted 2014 Wolfson Economics Finalist James
   Gross is an urban designer and Masterplanning
   Director at Barton Willmore. His work focuses on
   understanding 'trusted' forms of development, in
   particular neighbourhoods, villages and market
   towns and how these can be repeated to form
   modules of growth for new settlements.

   The Grand Paris Express new orbital railway:
   Improving the design of large scale infrastructure
udg    Kathryn Anderson is Urban Design Director for
   the London office of Barton Willmore International.
   UK projects range from town centre and estate
   regeneration to new communities and large scale
   urban extensions. Beyond the UK she has managed
   projects in Russia, China, Europe and the Middle

   The Grand Paris Express new orbital railway:
   Public consultation and subsequent design and
   development codes
   Emilie Pignon is an Associate Urban Designer at
   Barton Willmore International. She studied in
   France and in the UK and has since been working
   on various masterplans and urban design projects
   in both countries

   De Dijk, Rijswijk: Lessons in housing layout  
Responsive Environments   
   Graham Smith, formerly Principal Lecturer at the
   Joint Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes
   and co-author of Responsive Environments, offers
   observations on this project in the Netherlands,
   in particular the integration of vehicles.

   Space to Park: A brief summary of research results.  
City Planning   
   David Birkbeck is an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA
   and, as Chief Executive of Design for Homes, one
   of the three lead partners for and primary authors
   of, Building for Life 12 (BfL12).

   Smart Urbanism: How to restore simple rules and an
   enabling leadership in urban planning. A migration
   from a culture of determinism to one of truly
   responsive environments
Smart Urbanism    Kelvin Campbell, visiting Professor in Urban Design
   at the University of Westminster and 2013 winner
   of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Urban Design.
   He is recognised internationally as one of the leading
   figures in this field.

   An Urban Design Manifesto for the Making of Towns
udg    Roger Evans is an architect, urban planner, urban
   designer and Director of the practice, studio REAL.
   Responsible for major urban design studies for a
   wide range of towns and cities in the uk, Europe
   and the Middle East and the research and writing
   of the recent Urban Design Compendium 2 (UDC 2)
   for the Homes and Communities Agency.

   A brief introduction to the Urban Skills Portal (USP)  
UCL eXtend    Valentina Giordano is a Chartered Town Planner and
   UDG recognised urban design practitioner. Currently
   a research assistant at the Bartlett School of
   Planning, she is involved in the preparation of the
   USP whilst also working on a project evaluating the
   governance of design in the built environment

   The Urban Skills Portal.   
UCL eXtend   

   The relevance of presentation skills explored.

   Floods and flood plain development.   
Climate Change    Formerly Course Leader in Urban Design at Oxford
   Brookes, Ian Lyne is an internationally renowned
   strategist, urban planner, landscape architect,
   surveyor, tourism expert and urban designer; most
   recently Project Manager for the Qatar National
   Master Plan.

   Liveability Indicators.   
   Chris Sharpe is a director and co-founder of
   Holistic City Software, the developers of CityCAD,
   an application created for use in city planning
   and design.

   Super urbanism   
   Graham Freer is an urban designer with a
   background in town planning, architecture and
   web design. He is urban design and website
   design advisor to the Connected Cities Project.

   Urbanism in China.   
UDG Urban Design Group    Barry Sellers has a background in architecture, town
   planning and urban design and is a member of the
   uk Urban Design Group Executive Committee. He has
   a particular interest in and detailed knowledge
   of urban design in China and East Asia.

   Doing Business in China.   
udg     Lise Bertelsen is a Business Adviser with the China-
   Britain Business Council, for London and the South
   East (uk) focusing on the environment, low carbon
   and water sectors. She has experience of both
   education and employment in China

   Business and Culture in China.   
Urban Design China   
   Iris Cai is founder and Director of Positive Speaking,
   providing language and cultural training for people
   doing business in China. In 2009 Iris received a
   Mu-Lan Achievement Award for her contribution
   toward China-uk cross-cultural understanding.

   Breeam in China.   
Breeam    Jaya Skandamoorthy trained as a civil engineer at
   Imperial College London. He is Director of Enterprise
   and Innovation at the Building Research
   Establishment (BRE), and is Manager of the BRE
   Innovation Park.   

   Working in China: Project experience from Hong Kong,
   Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing.   
Urban Design   
   Eugene Dreyer is founder and Director of ystudio, a
   masterplan and urban design consultancy based in
   London, working on projects in the uk, Europe, the
   Middle East and Africa. Specialising in urban mixed
   use projects, transport integrated design and
   environmental strategy, Eugene was a director at
   Farrells in London and Hong Kong for twelve years.

   Learning from China.   
urban design    Isabella Yi Zhang is cofounder of MY Architects.
   Educated at Tongji University of China and Sheffield
   University uk, she has worked with MJP, Llewelyn
   Davies and the East China Architectural Design
   Institute. She specialises in urban design and
   mixed use, low rise, high density housing.

   China: The middle class in the middle kingdom.   
urban design    Darryl Chen leads urban design and research at
   the award winning multi-disciplinary architecture
   practice, Hawkins\Brown. His work questions current
   orthodoxies in order to explore the underrated and
   unexpected as source material for an enhanced
   urban practice

   China in Flux.   
   Alastair Donald is Project Director for the British
   Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014;
   Associate Director of the Future Cities Project
   and Convenor for the Critical Subjects Summer
   School 2014.

   Urbanising rapid growth: Space Syntax in China.   
Space Syntax    Ed Parham is an architect and Associate Director
   with Space Syntax with particular emphasis on
   projects in the Middle East and China; the
   overall objective being the reconciliation of rapid
   urban growth with economically, socially and
   environmentally enduring development.

   The importance of trees in the urban landscape
   Martin Kelly is Land Planning Director at Capita
   Symonds. He is founder and chair of the Trees and
   Design Action Group (TDAG) and is a qualified
   Urban Designer and Landscape Architect.

   The impact of smart ICT on urban life
smart ict    
   Anna Anastasiou is an architect and urban designer
   at Dar Al-Handasah. Anna specialises in master-
   planning and urban design, developing integrated
   design Solutions through collaboration with other
   disciplines, whilst researching design approaches
   corresponding to today’s lifestyles and needs.

   How to deliver large scale self build housing
self build housing   
   Gus Zogolovitch is an Executive Committee
   Member at the National Self Build Association,
   Managing Director of the residential development
   company Solidspace and a Director at the property
   development company Lake Estates

   Delivering Senior Cohousing
Senior cohousing   
   Maria Brenton is Project Manager and Cohousing
   Consultant at Older Woman's Cohousing Company
   Ltd. Formerly a Visiting Research Fellow at the
   University of Bristol and Senior Manager and policy
   analyst with the National Health Service, Wales

   Realising cohousing in practice
   Patrick Devlin is Director Third Age Housing at
   Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects (PTEa). The
   multiple award-winning practice specialises in
   delivering new and revitalised neighbourhoods.

   The Urban Masterplanning Handbook
urban masterplanning   
   Eric Firley, co-author of the companion Urban
   Towers and Urban Housing Handbooks is an architect
   and urban designer. Currently Assistant Professor at
   the University of Miami School of Architecture.   

   Intelligent Cities: Urban Design in the Information Age
   Paul Reynolds is current Chair of the UDG Executive
   Committee and a Chartered Landscape Architect
   and Urban Designer with Atkins, where he leads on
   regeneration, masterplanning and the public realm.

   Smart Cities, the Collaborative Economy
Green Cities   
   Karl Baker is currently a researcher at LSE Cities
   focusing on city based low carbon policies as part
   of the Economics of Green Cities Project. Formerly
   a policy advisor at New Zealand's Ministry of

  Global cities, local growth and the ghost in the machine
IBM smart cities   
   Rick Robinson is an Executive Architect (IT) at IBM,
   responsible for the development and delivery of
   Smarter City solutions for IBM customers in the UK
   and Europe. He holds a PhD in the physics of
   superconducting devices from the University of
   Birmingham and is a visiting Research Fellow at
   WMG at the University of Warwick   

   Design coding: diffusion of practice in England
UCL Design Coding   
   Matthew Carmona is Professor of Planning and
   Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Planning,
   UCL. His research has focused on the policy
   context for improving the quality of the built and
   natural environments.

   Mixed Streets: The evolution of suburban town
   centres - questioning the narrative of historical
   decline.   Introduced by Matthew Carmona.
Bartlett    Dr Sam Griffiths is Lecturer in Urban Morphology
   and Spatial Theory at the Bartlett School of
   Graduate Studies, UCL and Course Director MSc
   Advanced Architectural Studies. His research has
   focused on the evolving relationship between
   urban form and social activity.   

   High Street 2012: A detailed account of the
   management of a series of projects linking Aldgate
   in the City of London, with the site of the Olympics
   in Stratford
London Olympics   
   Formerly with the Mayor's Architecture and
   Urbanism Unit, Paul Harper has been involved with
   the 100 Spaces Project, the Great Spaces Project,
   London's Great Outdoors (public space
   improvements) and latterly led on Design for
   London's 'High Street 2012'.

   Responsive Environments:
   Aspects of the cultural context, preparation and
   impact of the book explored by one of the authors,
   Professor Ian Bentley
Responsive Environments    Ian Bentley is Emeritus Professor at the Joint
   Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes
   University. He has a background in architecture
   and property development. In addition to
   Responsive Environments he authored Urban
   Transformations (1999) and, with Georgia Butina-
   Watson, Identity by Design (2007)

   Urban Design Practice. An International Review.
   An outline introduction to the book by the editor
   Dr Sebastian Loew.

   Sebastian is a town planning and urban design
   consultant and former lecturer with the University
   of Westminster. He has extensive experience of
   urban design education and practice in a European
   and international context.

   Urban Design Practice. An International Review.
   A case study from Riedberg, Frankfurt am Main.

Urban Design in Germany    Katja Stille is an Associate at Tibbalds Planning and
   Urban Design. In the past she has undertaken
   research comparing the German and English
   planning systems to inform a UK government study
   into the use and practicality of design codes. At
   Tibbalds she is involved in a range of projects
   including masterplanning and design guidance.

   The National Conference on Urban Design. udg conference   
   An introduction from Paul Reynolds, Chair of the
   Urban Design Group and Louise Thomas, co-editor
   of Urban Design

   The Value of Urban Design: Market Trends.
   A migration from derivatives to direct investment,
   from equities to commodities, from capital growth to
   income and from office to residential development.

Savills    Yolande Barnes is responsible for the Residential
   Research team at Savills, having pioneered
   research in the residential sector and Placemaking,
   latterly comparing global cities.

   The Value of Urban Design: A Developer's View.
   Markets and 'externalities'. The importance of non
   financial values.
igloo    Chris Brown is Chief Executive of igloo Regeneration
   Development Team, Director of Isis Waterside
   Regeneration and Blueprint, an igloo public/private
   partnership with the HCA.   

   The Value of Urban Design: Theory, Practice, Politics. urban design theory    Meredith Evans manages a planning and urban
   design consultancy having formerly been Corporate
   Director in local government.

   Imaging Change, Changing Imaginations: The
   instrumentalisation of images in the revision of
   social and spatial identity at the Elephant and Castle
LSE Urbanisation    Abigail Batchelor is an architect with a masters in
   Urbanisation from the LSE. An Associate at
   S333 Architecture + Urbanism Ltd and an
   independent researcher focusing on the cultural
   importance of place and large-scale redevelopment,
   she is currently researching urban family housing
   for CPRE London

   Retrofitting cities to manage surface water
udg    Paul Shaffer is an Honorary Research Fellow with
   the Pennine Water Group (Bradford and Sheffield
   Universities) and an Associate with the Construction
   Industry Research and lnformation Service (ciria),
   specialising in sustainable water management.

   The underlying conception and further development
   of a carbon tool to be used during a masterplanning
   process, with reference to practical application in
   Madurai and Mysore.
Atkins    Paul Fraser is Principal Urban Designer and
   Chartered Landscape Architect at the multi
   disciplinary practice Atkins, with project experience
   in the uk and overseas.

    Sustainability Appraisal for Land Development
    A pre-design site assessment tool.

Sustainable Development    Bruce Calton is Group Director and Luan Deda,
   Senior Urban Designer at the award winning
   international architecture, urban design,town
   planning and interior design practice, Scott
   Brownrigg. SALD has been developed by the
   Practice's Design Research Unit.

    Open for Play: An introduction to the topic of
    playful spaces and child-friendly neighbourhoods.

Playground Design    Tim Gill is a writer, independent researcher and
   consultant with an interest in children's
   relationships with the people and places around
   them. His book, No Fear: Growing up in a risk
   averse society was published in 2007.

    Exploring Boundaries: New directions in the design
    of space for children's play.

Playground Equipment    Paige Johnson is a nanotechnology researcher at
   the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. With an MA
   in Garden History she also manages the popular
   blog 'playscapes', which successfully challenges
   design orthodoxies.

    New Deal for Communities London EC1
    The transformation of a wide array of public spaces

Public Space    Liz Kessler is an urban design consultant and
   former Public Space Coordinator for this award
   winning project comprising more than forty five
   schemes of environmental improvements.

    Innovative thinking in design for play:
    A Landscape Design Update on the North Park
    Hub play scheme for the Queen Elizabeth II Park,
    Stratford East London (formerly the Olympic Park).

Olympics Planning   
   Jennette Emery-Wallis is an award winning
   landscape architect and Principal at Land Use
   Consultants (LUC). Responsible for numerous
   Heritage Lottery Fund conservation projects,
   strategic masterplanning for World Heritage sites
   and the lead designer for the Princess of Wales
   play space in Kensington Gardens London.

    The Olympic Park London 2012:
    The urban context and long term legacy.
    A Landscape Institute presentation.

Olympics Landscape    Andrew Harland is a landscape architect and
   Senior Partner with LDA Design in London,
   specialising in green space strategy, urban park
   planning, design and management.

    The Olympic Park London 2012:
    Detailed design and management.
    A Landscape Institute presentation.

Landscape Olympics    Neil Mattinson is a landscape architect,
   environmental planner and Senior Partner with
   LDA Design, specialising in the public realm,
   commercial, residential and leisure sectors.

    Re-imagining Garden Cities for the 21st Century.
tcpa    Kate Henderson is Chief Executive of the Town and
   Country Planning Association, a campaigning
   charity that puts social justice and the
   environment at the heart of the debate about
   planning policy, housing and climate change.

    Lifetime Communities: The design challenges
    presented by an ageing population.

Lifetime Communities Andy von Bradsky    Andy von Bradsky is Chairman of PRP Architects,
   one of the UK's largest multi-disciplinary practices
   with overseas offices in Abu Dhabi, China and
   Moscow. The lecture reflects his interest in research
   and development, and includes reference to a
   number of innovative projects in the uk and abroad.

    Temporary urbanism: An introduction.
Professor Irena Bauman    Irena Bauman is Professor of Sustainable
   Development at the University of Sheffield, a
   Director at Bauman Lyons Architects and Chair of a
   Regional Design Review Panel

    The Evening and Night-time Economy.
Professor Marion Roberts    Marion Roberts is a qualified Architect and
   Professor of Urban Design at the University of
   Westminster. Author and co-author of numerous
   books, active in research, with particular interest in
   social issues, cultural regeneration, housing, public
   art and street design.

    Biophilia Explained
Duncan Ecob Urban Design    Duncan Ecob is Head of Urban Design and
   Masterplanning at Devereux Architects, with a focus
   on regeneration, masterplanning and timely design
   intervention in both uk and overseas projects.

    University Campus Planning Projects in India.
Darshana Gothi Chauhan Urban Design    Darshana Gothi Chauhan is currently project leader
   (urban design) for a new neighbourhood in Bhopal,
   India, Urban Design Consultant with Urban
   Initiatives and Chapter Development Manager with
   the International Network for Traditional Building,
   Architecture and Urbanism

    An evening with Christopher Alexander.
Prof Christopher Alexander    Prof Alexander is a renowned theoretician and
   practitioner of architecture. Works Include:  Notes
   on the Synthesis of Form, A City is not a Tree, A
   Pattern Language, The Timeless Way of Building and
   A New Theory of Urban Design.

    An evening with Christopher Alexander.
Prof Christopher Alexander     The processes underlying the implementation of the
   Eishin campus, Japan, contrasted with the current,
   dominant approach toward development and the
   potentially corrosive consequences of the latter.

    How do people actually use residential streets?
    The practical impact of various design solutions.

Mike Biddulph    Mike Biddulph is Senior Lecturer in urban design at
   Cardiff University School of City and Regional
   Planning, Member of the RTPI, a Recognised Urban
   Design Practitioner and Fellow of the Higher
   Education Academy.

    'Massive Small: The operating programme for smart
    urbanism'. From 'place making' to 'condition making'.

Kelvin Campbell    Kelvin Campbell is founder and Managing Director
   of the urban design practice Urban Initiatives and
   Visiting Professor in Urban Design at the University
   of Westminster.

   The Sintropher project: Beyond the acronym.
   The presentation examines the merit of various
   approaches toward transport integration.

June Taylor Sintropher UCL   
   June Taylor undertook this work as a Research
   Associate with the Lead Partner for the Sintropher
   project which is based at the Bartlett School of
   Planning, UCL.

   The evolution and impact of measures to produce
   traffic calming, particularly via design, and prospects
   for the future, from a city wide to local, intimate scale

Tim Pharoah MSc MRTPI    Tim Pharoah MSc, MRTPI, MCILT, MCIHT, is a
   freelance transport and town planning consultant,
   having had a seminal role in policy and design
   development and practice.

   Excoriating the eco: Bordon 'eco-town' under the
   microscope. Sustainable development or incongruous
   sprawl? The view from opponents.
Bordon Eco-Town   
   Jack Warshaw is an architect, a town planner and
   founder and Director of the practice Conservation
   Architecture and Planning (CAP).

   High Streets: Identity, place and performance joanne cave   
   Joanne Cave is a Town Planner and Partner (urban
   design) at David Lock Associates, specialising in
   mixed use development briefing and design guidance

Reimagine your high street: Escaping from cloned towns Elizabeth Cox nef   
   Elizabeth Cox is Head of Connected Economies at
   the New economics Foundation (nef), a registered
   charity and independent research group or 'think

   Understanding and interrogating statistics of inequality Danny Dorling    Danny Dorling is a Professor of Human Geography
   at Sheffield University. Quantitative research is
   unwrapped and given novel visual expression.

   Collaborative urbanism: From participation to
   'co-creation'. The encouragement of social
   innovation in an urban planning process. With
   particular reference to Chelmsford in the uk.
Chelmsford    Joint presentation by John Worthington, Stephanie
   Mills, Malcolm Noble, Roger Estop and Barry Shaw,
   from the Changing Chelmsford initiative.  

   Capital Spaces: The complex evolving spaces of a
   global city, London. An evidence based challenge to
   some received wisdom.
Matthew-Carmona-UCL    Matthew Carmona is a Professor of Planning and
   Urban Design and Head of the Bartlett School of
   Planning, UCL.  

    Designing and implementing shared space. Lindsey Whitelaw    Lindsey Whitelaw is a multi award winning
   landscape architect and founding partner of
   Whitelaw Turkington. 

   Exploring the historic context in Stamford Lincolnshire,
   particularly the relationship between density and
   built form, pattern books and proposals
Erik Watson    Erik Watson has a background in economics, town
   planning and urban design and is a Director of
   Masterplanning at Broadway Malyan 

   Moving the Commission for Architecture and the Built
   Environment (CABE) to the Design Council.
Rachel Fisher    Rachel Fisher is Head of Policy and Programmes at
   Design Council CABE; formerly Senior Public Affairs
   Advisor and Head of the Chief Executive's Office

   Helping people make better places: The role of the
   Architecture Centre Network and the work of
   individual architecture centres in the uk.

   Bridget Sawyers is Chief Executive of the
   Architecture Centre Network and a cultural
   regeneration consultant; formerly Head of Regions

   The ÉcoCité Project, France.
   With reference to Clermont Ferrand, Montpellier
   and Nantes-St Nazaire. An overview of the French
   approach to sustainable urban development.

   Kathryn Anderson is a Masterplanner and urban
   designer who is passionate about the urban
   environment and making better places.  She also
   works for Barton Willmore International, directing
   projects both in the uk and across the globe.  

   What is the difference between an 'Eco-town' and
   'Any-town'? The background to, proposals and
   ambitions for Whitehill Bordon, East Hampshire.
Wendy Shillam    Wendy Shillam is an award winning designer and
   town planner with 20 years experience of urban
   planning, regeneration and design.  Formerly with
   MJP Architects and latterly a Partner with Shillam
   and Smith Architecture and Urbanism 

 Contextual Masterplanning in the Middle East and Africa
Monika Bik    Monika Bik is a Director of Masterplanning at
   Broadway Malyan - a leading international practice of
   architects, urbanists and designers.

   Anthropology and Urban Design.
Joseph Heathcott Anthropology    
   Joseph Heathcott is US Fulbright Distinguished
   Chair at University of the Arts London. Senior
   Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics
   and Associate Professor of Urban Studies at The
   New School, New York.

   Density, typology and place. From Le Corbusier to
   Lewis Carroll. From an object to a place. Global and
   local transactions, variety, congruity and democracy.
   Sir Richard MacCormac CBE MA PPRIBA RA is
   chairman of MJP Architects, initially established in
   1972. The lecture spans 40 years experience in
   teaching, research and practice featuring a
   succession of award winning projects.

   Dealing with the impact of rapid urban growth: Jeddah
   Unplanned Settlements. Documents the key role of
   Space Syntax analysis in the spatial, social and
   economic reintegration of the slums, informal
   settlements, urban villages and squatter settlements
   which formed during the rapid expansion of Jeddah.
Ed Parham Space Syntax    Ed Parham is an Associate Director at Space Syntax
   and Honorary Research Fellow at University College
   London. He is an Architect and specialist in multi-
   scale urban regeneration.

   Tony Lloyd-Jones: Kaduna Nigeria
   Revisiting the 1967 Masterplan   
Tony Lloyd Jones University of Westminster   
   Tony is the Director of Research and Consultancy at
   the Max Lock Centre, Coordinator of the Centre for
   Sustainable Development, Principal Lecturer in Urban
   Design & Course Leader MA International Planning &
   Sustainable Development, University of Westminster

   Rob Cowan: What's in a word? 
   Language and Urban Design. The relevance of clarity
   and brevity in communication.     
Rob Cowan Urban Design Skills     Rob Cowan is a Director of Urban Design Skills and
   author of The Dictionary of Urbanism, Urban Design
   Guidance, Placecheck, The Connected City, The
   Cities Design Forgot and Designing Places. He co-
   authored By Design and Re:Urbanism

   Karl Kropf: Morphological Investigations. Cutting into  
   the substance of urban form. Explores the theoretical
   background underpinning urban morphology from MRG
   Conzen through Lynch to Sennett with a broad range
   of practical project case studies.
Karl Kropf Urban Morphology
   Karl Kropf is Director of Urban Design at Studio Real,
   architecture and urban planning. He studied
   landscape architecture at the University of
   California, Berkeley and urban morphology at the
   University of Birmingham.

    Sir Terry Farrell: Taking a proactive
   approach toward town planning and
   conservation. An international perspective.

Sir Terry Farrell Architect Eric Firley The Urban Housing Handbook    Eric Firley: The Urban Housing Handbook.
   Traditional housing morphologies,
   typologies and their contemporary

    John Thorp Civic Architect Leeds: The  
   Leeds Renaissance, theory and practice.
   From Millennium Square to the city region.
John Thorp the Leeds Renaissance Atelier Ten New York. S R Crown Hall
   Paul Stoller and Nico Kienzl:
   Energy consumption. Sensitively
   restoring Mies van der Rohe's S R
   Crown Hall

    Barry Shaw Head of Built Environment
   Essex on: Back to the future. From the
   Design Guide to Exemplar Programme.
Essex Design Guide Atelier Ten     Patrick Bellew & Emma Marchant of
   Atelier Ten: The Genius of Nature from
   the Earth Centre to Federation Sq

    Rob Cowan of Urban Design Skills.
   Masterplanning: With particular emphasis
   on projects in Scotland.
Rob Cowan Urban Design Skills John Deffenbaugh     John Deffenbaugh
   Masterplanning: Jeckyll or Hyde in a
   Cooperative or adversarial approach.

    Quintin Stevens: Freedom is Messy.
   Predictability, unpredictability and the
   Inclusive, diverse use of public space
Quintin Stevens Karl Sharro  
   Karl Sharro on:
   The paternalism of building communities
   and a fresh perspective on modernism.

    Christos Passas. Zaha Hadid Architects
   Describes the competition winning design
   for Eleftheria Square. Nicosia. Cyprus.
Zaha Hadid Architects Daniel Hill Urban Initiatives    Daniel Hill Urban Initiatives on:
   Faltering large scale regeneration
   models and finer grained alternatives

    Hank Dittmar
   The Prince's Foundation on:
   Directed and undirected urban change
Hank Dittmar Princes Foundation Peter Owens Colour Urban Design
   Peter Owens. Colour Urban Design on:
   New learning and teaching


    Peter Heath. Atkins. Kevin Lynch Memorial
   Lecture World Squares for All.
   Trafalgar Square
Peter Heath Atkins World Squares Peter Heath Atkins Trafalgar Square  
   Peter Heath. Atkins.
   Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture
   World Squares for All. The next phase.


    Rob Cowan:
   Design and Access Statements
   A humorous, incisive assessment
Rob Cowan Design and Access Statements Rob Cowan Urban Design Skills  
   Rob Cowan
   From shopping in Merton to

   Sebastian Loew: "A little learning is a
  dangerous thing; Drink deep or taste not the
  Pierian Spring"...Urban design education.....
Sebastian Loew Urban Design Education Louise Thomas Urban Design Education  
   Louise Thomas: Urban design as
   Unresponsive Environments. Why is
   urban design education desirable?

    Urban design for our time.
   George Ferguson PPRIBA.
Tim Hagyard the future for urban design  
   Tim Hagyard: Moving from regulation
   and conflict toward collaboration and
   creativity in urban planning. 

    Charlie Baker URBED & Jon Rowland on:
   Temple Quay 2. Bristol. The realisation of
   an international competition winning design
URBED and Jon Rowland Pollard Thomas Edwards     Andrew Beharrell. Pollard Thomas
   Edwards. Dunsfold Park Surrey. A zero
   carbon eco-village combining homes and

    Jonathan Hill of Scott Brownrigg on:
   East Street Farnham. Public space,
   linkage and legibility.
Scott Brownrigg Planit ie    
   Peter Swift. Planit-ie. St Petersfield,
   Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester. A
   public realm framework &
   commercial quarter.

    Marcus Wilshere of Urban Initiatives on:
   Regent Quarter, Kings Cross. Combining
   conservation and commercial success
Marcus Wilshere Urban Initiatives Richard Reid Associates Urban Design    Richard Reid Associates. Clearwater,
   LowerMill Estate, Gloucestershire.
   Housing on a former gravel quarry.

   Tim Gill
   Rethinking Play and 'Playable Space'
   With project examples
Tim Gill Play Space Walter Jack
   Walter Jack:Public art projects   
   With an emphasis on the role of play

   Joe Holyoak: Birmingham. Evolution of a
   city centre from the 19th C. Gigantism or
   smaller scale, intricate mixed land use?
Joe Holyoak Urban Design Jonathan Bore Birmingham City Planning    Jonathan Bore. Urban Initiatives:
   Birmingham. The Big City Plan. Forging
   a family friendly, accessible city

   Skidmore, Owings & Merrill:
   Leamouth Peninsula
Skidmore Owings and Merrill Urban Initiatives     Urban Initiatives:
   Scotswood Expo Masterplan Newcastle
   upon Tyne

   Burns + Nice:
   Leicester City Centre
   Public Realm Strategy
Burns and Nice EDAW     EDAW
   Holt Town Waterfront:

    Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design:
   Merton Rise Basingstoke
Tibbalds Planning and Design John Thompson     John Thompson & Partners:

    Bob Allies: London 2012
   The Olympic Masterplan &Park and
   Evolving ideas for the Legacy.
Bob Allies John Hopkins ODA     John Hopkins of the ODA: London 2012
   The Olympic Parkland and Public Realm

    Conor McKee. RTKL.
   Masterplanning a coastal town.
   The Talbot Gateway, Blackpool.
Conor McKee RTKL Mike Hayes Sea Space     Mike Hayes. Sea Space
   The regeneration of Hastings and Bexhill
    Analysing pedestrian movement
   around transport interchanges.
   Dr Jake Desyllas. Intelligent Space
Dr Jake Desyllas Paul Reynolds     A brief journey through a range of
   contrasting transport interchanges
   Paul Reynolds. Atkins

    The Creative Cities Movement:
   A Critical Perspective
   Dr Andy C Pratt. LSE.
Dr Andy C Pratt Kelvin Campbell     The Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture:
   Kelvin Campbell explores Birmingham

    Lighting up the Public Realm for People
   Mark Ridler. bdp lighting
Mark Ridler     Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture
   Philip Singleton:
   The view from Birmingham City Planning

    Language, History and Greenspace
   The view from Holland
   Henk J M Bouwman. HKB
Henk J Bouwman Roger Evans     Roger Evans
   Roger Evans Associates:
   Design Coding Explored.

    Meaning in the Landscape
   Tom Lonsdale
   Camlin - Lonsdale
Tom Lonsdale Chris Hall     Reinventing Seaside Towns
   Chris Hall
   GVA Grimley

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