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Urban Design SummaryAn introduction to urban design presented by David Prichard and Jonny Mc Kenna
of Metropolitan Workshop with Peter Stewart of Peter Stewart Consultancy.
This is an excellent snapshot of current issues featuring the following topics
Urban Design London Cool Wall ~The Urban Design London Cool Wall
Urban Design Principles   Principles of Urban Design. Making Better Places.
By Design ~By Design explored in detail
Urban Design Issues ~Today's Issues
The Structure of Places ~The Structure of Places
Aspects of Urban Form ~Aspects of urban form explored
The Impact of Time on Urban Form ~The Impact of Time
Concluding Comments ~Concluding Comments

Deborah Saunt Architect DSDHA

Designing Schools
Presented by Deborah Saunt DSDHA

The role of design in the development of new and refurbished schools from the broad context to the fine detail. Outlines teaching methods, performance, school management, transport, consultation techniques, catchment areas and the importance of grasping a child's perspective and journey both to and within the school.

John Jenkins Architect

Environments for Education
Presented by John Jenkins. Haverstock Associates.

Matching the design of internal and external spaces to pedagogy.
Historic and contemporary international influences and Victorian
origins explored. CABE minimum design standards explained in detail.

David Rudlin URBED

Design options for Infill Sites. A brief introduction
Presented by David Rudlin. URBED 

Turning adversity to advantage. Realising and exploiting the opportunities afforded by constrained sites, particularly the merit of enhanced diversity and character.

Peter Barber Architect

Design options for infill sites
Presented by Peter Barber. Peter BarberArchitects.

A background theoretical critique of some of the problems stemming from modernist housing layouts, together with an exploration of some practical remedial options. This is followed by a rapid journey through an array of illustrated real life projects from inception to completion. An exploration of ingenious techniques for optimising the land use and overall value of otherwise inauspicious sites

Patrick Hammill Levitt Bernstein

How is inclusion considered within the design process?
An architect's perspective.
Presented by Patrick Hammill of Levitt Bernstein

Aiming for a form of genuine access for all via the creation of adaptable spaces. How to avoid a process of bureaucratic box ticking in order to simply meet the minimum standards.

Dan Robertson Equality Works

Inclusive Design: Theory and Practice for Housing.
Presented by Dan Robertson of Equality Works.

Asks: what is meant by accessible design?
Moving from a social model of disability to a social model of inclusion
in both the design and management of space.

Julie Fleck OBE of the GLA

Accessible Housing in London. Policy into Practice.
Presented by Julie Fleck OBE of the GLA

How to work with existing policies to achieve the highest, not minimum, standards. The principles of inclusive design, the implementation tools and current trends. Amongst the issues covered are the London Plan, Access Statements, British Standards and Lifetime Homes for Lifetime Neighbourhoods.
Ben Hamilton-Baillie

The design of the public realm with a focus on the origins and consequence of vehicle traffic and pedestrian segregation.
Presented by Ben Hamilton-Baillie

A broad look at legislated and unlegislated behaviour or a regulatory versus a social framework informing design. Places current thinking in an historic context and contains numerous poor and exemplary illustrated project examples.

Professor Marion Roberts


Designing the Night Time City
Professor Marion Roberts. University of Westminster.

Initially explores a broad range of night time economy issues, including the negative experiences of crime and anti social behaviour. Details the policy framework with examples of good practice. Concludes on a range of innovative, non-policy based initiatives and a call for greater diversity, a return of the ordinary, into the spectrum of night time activities.

Mark Ridler bdp Lighting

Mark Ridler bdp Lighting
Lighting Places for People

A poetic, innovative vision for an illumination of public space
that doesn't cost the earth.
If you think you understand lighting but have yet to hear Mark, watch.

Didier Joseph Francois 

Prof. Didier Joseph-Francois
School of Architecture. Lille

Urban design and historic conservation.
The theoretical framework and practical approach to projects in
Lille and elsewhere in France

Joyce Bridges


Joyce Bridges
English Heritage and CABE Commissioner

Creating great places:
The theoretical background for a constructive approach to conservation and good design in the uk. With examples of exemplary and poor quality solutions.

Phil Jones Shared Space

Phil Jones
Shared Space.

Provides answers to the question 'What is shared space'?
Contains a range of examples from Europe and the uk,
together with an explanation of legislation issues and planned future research.

Michel Deronzier discusses shared space

Michel Deronzier
Shared Space. The experience in Chambery, France
From policies to project outcomes.
Translation by Sebastian Loew

Short film from Chambery

Image zip file

Dominic Church discusses Building for Life

Dominic Church CABE: Building For Life
An introduction to and detailed explanation of CABE BfL.

Includes an overall assessment of the quality of current design solutions, based on CABE's Housing Audit; an enduring response to the question 'What is Good Design?' and a range of project examples related to underlying BfL criteria.

ppt version

Neil Double from Tower Hamlets Planning

Neil Double
LB Tower Hamlets
Local Development Framework Core Strategy
Embedding Design from the Outset
A detailed look at a 'layered' approach incorporating a range of physical and social infrastructure, with resultant core strategy options.

Matthew Carmona from the Bartlett School of Planning

Prof Matthew Carmona
The Bartlett School of Planning
Spatial Planning by Design

Five succinct pointers to sound policy.
With examples

Colin Wilson LDA

Colin Wilson
Strategic Planning Manager LDA

Spatial Planning and Design Policy
An exploration of three projects with detailed, illustrated advice on method.

Dickon Robinson

Dickon Robinson
The End of Density?

A sharp critique of some of the myths surrounding the density
debate and the case for a rethink with constructive proposals for change.

Hayley Fitchett

Hayley Fitchett
Achieving optimum densities. A research perspective.

An in depth exploration of the positive and negative aspects of higher densities, having the benefit of an international perspective.

Majora Carter

Design for London / Exemplar Talks
Majora Carter: Rethinking Environmentalism

A personal journey and an impassioned argument for local involvement in environmental repair and reform, looking at the South Bronx as a case study.

Jaime Lerner

Design for London / Exemplar Talks
Jaime Lerner
A city as a solution, not a problem

An inspirational account of a series of innovative projects in Curitiba, Brazil.

Richard Rogers Architect

Design for London / Exemplar Talks
Richard Rogers and Pasqual Maragall in conversation with Peter Bishop. Lessons from Barcelona
The post war regeneration of Barcelona, the Olympics and implications for London

John Hare

The London View Management Framework. (LVMF)
Presented by John Hare. Miller Hare

The process of developing the LVMF and the issues arising.
The techniques employed to illustrate a development's impact on
important vistas.

Penelope Tollitt

Graphics and Urban Design. The illusion of illustration.
Presented by Penelope Tollitt. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Using graphics as a means of thought and communication.
Employs a wide range of examples to show how graphics can synthesise ideas and influence thought. Also describes pointedly how they can be misleading.

Graphics and Urban Design
Presented by Bally Meeda. Urban Graphics

Five key elements of graphics to understand how images can help, not hinder projects. These are: communication, understanding techniques, the use of images, products and software.

Andrew Armes Milton Keynes

The suburbs: Experience in Milton Keynes and elsewhere
Presented by Andrew Armes. Head of Development and Design Milton Keynes.

Is suburbia appropriate for the 21st century? The difference between suburban and urban structure with reference to Milton Keynes; its strength, weaknesses and role as a new town.

Richard MacCormac Architect

Sustainable Suburbia. Developing a Density Toolkit
Presented by Richard MacCormac. MacCormac Jamieson Prichard

Can the private advantages of suburbia be reconciled with public advantage of higher density living? Focuses on density and design issues.

Dr Nicholas Falk

Design in London's Suburbs
Dr Nicholas Falk
Urban and Economic Development URBED

The decline of the suburbs and their potential reinvention.
Looks at the suburban success stories of Frieburg and Holland.

Roger Evans REAL

Town Centre Design.
Presented by Roger Evans.

Town centres, the challenges, impact and potential transformation. With case studies of Poole, Banbury and Oxford.

Ken Worpole The Social Value of Urban Space

The Social Value of Public Spaces
Presented by Ken Worpole

The public realm debate and the role and importance of a broad public contribution. Explores different traditions of urbanism across Europe.

Sheila Peace Intergenerational use of Public Space

Intergenerational use of public places.
Presented by Professor Sheila Peace. The Open University.

The consequences of living in an ageing society and the use of design to improve the experience of public spaces

Helen Beck CABE Space Research

Paying for Parks
Presented by Helen Beck. Research and Futures Advisor CABE Space

An overview of CABE Space research into various means of funding urban green spaces and parks, including public, private and voluntary sources. The ideas can be applied to a range of public space types.

David Foster The Parks Trust Milton Keynes

Paying for open space
Presented by David Foster. The Parks Trust Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes and the Parks Trust Foundation. A description of the organisation which cares for many of Milton Keynes' parks and green spaces. The challenges of maintenance, funding and long term planning.>

Rob Shaw

Climate Change Adaptation by Design. Presentation at the TCPA
Presented by Rob Shaw.

Climate change adaptation and mitigation techniques and how planning can influence and respond to environmental issues.

Richard Rogers Architect

Urban Designers' Day at Palestra.

Esther Kurland Urban Design London

Design and Access Statements
Presented by Esther Kurland

Explores where design fits within the planning system and the broad range of policies that deal with design, from PPGs through to By Design.

Elizabeth Pearson CABE

CABE's work with Building Schools for the Future (BSF)
Presented by Elizabeth Pearson. Senior Enabling Advisor CABE.

Discusses the government programme BSF, entailing the refurbishment or rebuilding of secondary schools in the uk. From Local Education Partnerships through to CABE's involvement in the scheme.

John Jenkins Haverstock Architects

Creating Excellent Secondary Schools and the CABE School Design Review Panel.
Presented by John Jenkins.

Examines the role and importance of design and good quality buildings on educational attainment. Explains the work of the Design Review Panel which assesses proposals for new schools, together with the 10 assessment criteria.

Bill Hillier Space Syntax

A New Evidence Based Approach to Crime and Design
Presented by Bill Hillier.

Uses an evidence based approach based on Space Syntax to explore the influence of design and spatial factors on crime. Discusses the wide range of influences on crime, from movement to density and economic status.

Michael Lowndes Design at Planning Appeal 

The Joy of Text - Design at Appeal
Presented by Michael Lowndes of Turley Associates.

Recommended good practice on how to write a proof of evidence. Topics range from the writing style to the structure to a robust background policy framework. Uses an example of a project in Newquay.

Geoffrey Holland Design at Town Planning Appeal 

Design at Appeal
Presented by Geoffrey Holland. An experienced, qualified Architect-Planner Inspector.

Provides advice on what to do at design appeals, from the importance of clarity and brevity to targeted information. Discusses examples by way of illustration.

Yo Kaminagai Paris Transport Planning 

Transport Interchange Design in Paris
Presented by Yo Kaminagai.

A description of the RATP design strategies and the concept of transport environment and interchanges as places.

Tim Pharoah Transport Planning Design 

Transport Interchange Design Presented by Tim Pharoah

The essential features of interchanges illustrated with a broad range of international examples. Explores the requirement for design to respond to evolving cultural and technical trends.

Phil Jones Manual for Streets 

The Manual for Streets Explained 
Presented by Phil Jones.

An in depth explanation of Manual for Streets, together with  policy on a range of statutory and non statutory guidance, Home Zones and key data on street design.

Seminar One: An Introduction to Urban Design
Presented by Rob Cowan

Draws on By Design to explore the value of urban design, what it is that makes successful places and highlights the challenges that those
involved in urban development experience.


Daniel Hill Urban Initiatives
Seminar One: An Urban Design Toolkit
Presented by Daniel Hill

Provides essential tools for urban design and the range of policies and documents that currently shape the design process.
John Dales
Seminar Three: Planning Policies
Presented by John Dales

Putting theory into practice. How do we deliver good design and how
is design embedded in our planning framework?


Sophie Morton
Seminar Three: Planning Policy Framework
Presented by Sophie Morton

Explores the range of companion documents supporting good design,
from PPS1 to Safer Places and Planning & Access with a focus on best
practice within housing and design standards.


Alex Ely
Seminar Four: Various Aspects of Process. Clients, Champions and Consultation.
Presented by Alex Ely

Who is responsible for and delivers good design? The range and responsibilities of people involved in producing good design from development control to conservation officers through to communities involved in consultation.

Marcus Wilshere
Seminar Four: The Risk Register and Consultation.
Presented by Marcus Wilshere

Techniques for community consultation and how to make it relevant for a range of groups. Provides a broad range of examples.
Marcus Wilshere
Seminar Five: A practical exercise and Application of Concepts.
Presented by Marcus Wilshere.

A quick summary of all the seminar sessions combined with a practical exercise creating an urban space, drawing on the acquired knowledge.
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